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Post Roll Podcast Ep#11 - Collin Moulton The Jiujitsu Pilgrim

This is the most organized podcast yet! News, 2 academy reviews, and we talk Metamoris 6. Also when is too young to get your kid into BJJ? Jiujitsu in the street stories. Etc!!!!!!

Me and Chad Shaule from Gracie Barra in Vancouver, BC Canada

Me and Chad Shaule from Gracie Barra in Vancouver, BC Canada

Me and Marcello Monteiro and John Correa

Me and Marcello Monteiro and John Correa

Collin's Cauliflower Corner!

Ate mais Gi!

Ate mais Gi!

Upcoming Jiujitsu events: SEMINAR! June 20th 12pm-3pm at Xequemate Jiujitsu in Jacksonville, FL. MARIO AIELLO AND I will be there

Upcoming comedy: June 11-13 Tacoma Comedy Club in Tacoma, WA

Post Roll Podcast Ep#8 - Collin Moulton

Jeff Johnson made the movie "Bert Kreisher I Am The Machine" and he is a really cool guy and my new 2nd guy for all future podcasts.

I had come from a 3.5 hour jiujitsu session with Haek Tatavosyan and Steve the Pilot. Jeff did nothing.

This Podcast is me vetting Jeff for the coveted 2nd mic position. It takes us a minute to warm up and then it's off to the weird!

Can you kill a man and sleep ok? 

When is it mandatory to f%$k your friend in the face by bro code rules?

These questions and many more are answered in this tour de force of convo.

Post Roll Podcast Ep #2 - Collin Moulton and Juan Aguillera

This episode is Jiujitsu heavy. Juan Aguilera is an important friend of mine and really interesting character. He was the first person I met when I began training at Mario Aiello BJJ in Valencia, CA and I was immediately impressed by his dedication to BJJ. I was also impressed by him seemingly being that classic case of a young dynamic guy who had a checkered past and Jiujitsu was his savior.

I have since found Juan to be that guy that can't hold his tongue when someone needs to hear a hard truth. He is one of those guys that we all envy a little because he seems ever prepared to "write checks and cash them."

We talked about his start in BJJ and quick rise to brown belt, the possible causes of his troubled youth, and his future competition plans for both Jiujitsu and MMA. 

If you ever wondered what drives someone to become a professional fighter this is one example that is pretty interesting.